Welcome to Maker Llama, a family-friendly website for makers of all ages!

Who are we?

We are Kevin and Sallie Draper.  Our goal is to encourage and help children, adults, parents, and teachers promote a creative and curious maker mindset.  We have three sons that we encouraged to be creative and in recent years we have led camps and held events to help kids learn and do some making of their own.

What is a maker?

A maker is really anyone who has made something . . . now doesn’t that include you?  We believe that it’s not difficult to use your hands and your brain, perhaps add a little creativity, and make something.  You can use a variety of materials or techniques, just pick something that interests you.  We think you will find that the act of producing something that wasn’t there before will bring a satisfying smile to your face!

Why llamas?

Llamas just seem like fun animals, don’t they?  According to the Wikipedia article on llamas, llamas are intelligent creatures – that makes them a great maker mascot.  They are also very social creatures, so they fit right in with makers helping other makers.  If you like llama stuff, even if it’s not exactly maker related, check out our Llama Llove section!

Why do we encourage makers?

We believe that when people learn and make things, they recognize their own talent, intelligence, and creativity. This builds self-confidence and fosters a desire to learn. We also believe that people who have been encouraged and helped are more inclined to encourage and help others.  Couldn’t we all use a little more of that!  In our little llama corner of the world, if we can help a few people here and there, then we’ve become makers who make a difference in the lives of others!


Thanks for visiting our site,
Kevin and Sallie