Update: Robot Camp is happening! Check it out here.

I am thinking of leading a robotics camp this summer.  Are you interested?

Focused on kids going into 7th – 9th grades.

The camp would teach topics like:

  • Using motors and servos to make things move
  • Different kinds of motors
  • Using sensors to discover your surroundings
  • Microcontrollers – the robot’s brain
  • Programming – how to make the robot smart

During the camp, kids will make their own robot with wheels, a sensor, and a microcontroller.  I would like to give kids some options about what their robot does and what it looks like, so it becomes partly their own design.  The best part is they get to take their robot home!  They can continue to experiment with it.

To be able to do all of that, it might cost $100-120 for all of the parts and the camp that is 5 days for about 2-3 hours each day.

Are you still interested?  Parents can send me a note at: iCompWorks@gmail.com


Kevin Draper